Snow on! Ice stomp! School's out! In Australia, growing up, school was cancelled when on super HOT days! Not here!
Lovely Bens is reading Eowyn and Coco stories. We three, his girls, are going to miss him terribly - in fact, right now, getting through saying goodbye and the twenty hours from getting on the first plane at Seatac airport until getting off the last at Mascot airport seems such a huge obstacle I can hardly imagine being in Australia, with my dear Australian, English and Thai family, and the summer sun. Your prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated in these last days with Bens for a seemingly eternally long while, and as we travel on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks!!!
To track our progress crossing the Pacific Ocean (!) go to and enter the flight numbers HA 25 and HA451. (And coming home on January 19th, HA 452 and HA22!) We begin with a tiny flight from Seattle to Portland - AS2297. And we have to get up at 3.30am. Eowyn and Coco are MOST excited to be leaving in the middle of the night! Sounds like an adventure to me!
I've just begun George Eliot's 'Silas Marner' - she is incredibly insightful. It'll be my 'plane reading, if opportunity for such luxury arises!
It's just possible I won't be blogging for a while! I wish you sunshine, delight, surprises and fulfillment. If I can get a turn on the computer (there'll be nine of us at Lothlorien, including the bride!!) I'll keep you posted, but if you don't hear from me, fret not - it's likely I'll be having a rather good time!!!!
I feel just awful about leaving Bens behind. He's so lovely. I adore him, and love being his wife, and surrounding him with love. I love talking with him, hugging him, sitting by the fire together, singing, laughing, crying, imagining growing old together. I kind of feel as if he needs me in order to feel happy and be ok. I don't mean in a co-dependent way - more in an us-ish, we're one way. It's just dreadful we'll be apart for seven weeks. It wasn't our plan - what we'd planned was for Bens to spend his university break in Australia, however by the time we found out which uni he'd been accepted at, and when their Christmas vacation was, we hadn't a spare dime to spend on his ticket. I'm disappointed he isn't coming, and kind of mad at myself. I have this strange magical thinking which has me as the causative agent for all the awful things which happen, because I am so afraid of not being in control.
I'm an awfully slow learner. When Coco was being born, precious little girl, our usually very reliable camera jammed, much to my frustration. In conversation with my excellent midwife Karen, who has perfected the art of peace and Tibetan meditation, we decided the purpose of the camera jam was to teach me that I'm not in control ... and that's OK! Yet I'm still not at a point where I feel OK not to be in control. Being snowed in the last few days has been really difficult for me, mostly because it represents how little control I really have. And I'm terrified something will go wrong with our flight arrangements. I keep imagining the most ridiculous scenarios.
PS Dear little Eowyn just called out: "Tomorrow Mummy we'll have to help Daddy get ready for Christmas. We'll have to invite some friends over for him. He can't open presents all by himself!"
Please do drop our darling Bens a line every so often whilst his girls are away! That would be lovely! You can do so via 'Bens' Blog'! (There's a link to the right.) THANKS!!!!


Justin said…
Trans-Pacific relationships. We know the feeling.

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