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A very merry Christmas dear hearts, and a happy twenty-eleven!

We've had a simply delightful Christmas celebration, with Mum, Dad, Rachel, David, Serendipity, Jonathan,  my lovely little family, Merry, Paddy, Bev, Andrew & Verity! (And skyping Sam and Becca was both wonderful, in having opportunity to interact with them, and very funny, trying to get it to work!!!!!!

Off we go, in the morning, with camping gear and car Dad and Mum have VERY kindly loaned  us - all we have to do before we go is pack the freezer food, the kayak, the bikes and watch Doctor Who's Christmas Carol!!!

Let me see if I can find a pic of the place we are camping, so you can envisage us there!

Eowyn and Coco are cracking me up, running around  with the mp3 players Bens  gave them  for Christmas, singing really loudly, not realising we can't hear the music, just them!!! Bens gave me a Kindle. And I gave him a fishing rod,  fishing knife  and a fishing licence!!

MUCH love,

Megs xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox…

Happy Holidays!

These cute seasonal treats are from one of my workmates - it was our Christmas  party today (and I was by far the worst at pinning the tale on the donkey!) I'm feeling disappointed that this job  is a maternity leave  contract which is about to finish. I really like the people I have been working with, and the job. I have been busily applying for jobs and having interviews, but not with success as yet. We're in  a tight spot financially, as there needs to be money in the bank for all of January's rent, leaving minimal wriggle room. It feels so much easier when there is that wriggle room.

I am very thankful for the people in my life ... these three here photographed, and you, my delightful and much cherished blogging community.

Happy happy holidays, and love,


Peter Pan!

Today,  Eowyn and Coco met Melbs' Peter Pan!  Eowyn met London's Peter Pan when she was 18 months old,  and Coco shall, God willing, meet London's Peter Pan (and Martha, Reuben and Stella!!!) in 3 months!!!!!


We love you VEEEERY much!

I am so looking forward to seeing you in 2011!!!!

Love, Meg