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I heart bdays!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We have just been at the hospital. Around my mother-in-law Sue's bed were her husband Ben, her children Benjamin and Kat, her grandchildren Eowyn and Cosette, and three of her four siblings, Carol, David and Stephen with their families Leela, Jack, and Josh, and Lloyd, and me. She said: "The doctors told me today I have come to the beginning of the end of my life. I want to laugh, and enjoy beautiful moments with you all. I want you to ask me questions and talk about it. Megan has taught me, and Benjamin, and Kat, that we need to talk and talk and talk and communicate openly and not close up and hide and pretend. I'm not in pain, they have my pain medication under control. Pray that my impacted bowel opens." Her oncologist explained that end stage ovarian cancer involves the abdomen being filled with rolled oats like pieces of cancer - it doesn't attack organs, just spreads in the abdomen. It is causing Sue's bowel to be impacted - he said that if it opens now it is just a matter of time for these cancers to cause her bowel to once more be impacted. She'll be having home palleative care, and we as a family will be helping with that. If her bowel doesn't stop being impacted, she might die very very soon. This is so sad and scary. She and I had a lovely hug and she told me she loved me - and I told her I loved her. It is incredible that all the painful struggling in our relationship has brought us to this place where she could give me one of the biggest compliments I've ever received. There is real love and closeness in our relationship now - this is redemptive and I thank God.

Please pray for Sue and all her family members I've mentioned, as well as her sister Kathy and bro-in-law Jeff and her mother Kaye, and Kat's Jim and Ner nieces Nicole, Jeannie and Kelly and her nephew Jake.


PS This picture is of Sue and Ben celebrating Coco's 4th birthday at their home. Despite being so sick, Sue made Coco a beautiful birthday cake, decorated the house and had a beautiful party for Coco with her Ben and Bens, Eowyn and me. I am very thankful for her kind, giving heart.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I love to have a beer with Mary!

Good dumpstering today!

That's my man!

Alki Beach

Puget Sound on a sunny winter's day!

Baby Fara

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Blog City!

SOMEBODY is practising her new writing talents on the wall with permanent marker... And the consequence is ...

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Harp is such a magical, melifluous instrument...

Happy Valentines!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


WOW! A moment in history I’ve longed for and dreamed of happened today. The Australian Parliament apologised to Indigenous Australians for the atrocities committed against them since colonisation. In 1997, an aspiring young journalist, I interviewed Sir Ronald Wilson. He envisioned a Sorry Day, where non-Indigenous Australians looked into the eyes of Indigenous Australians and expressed sorrow for the pain inflicted, the dispossession, the slaughtering, the breaking up of families, the stealing of a generation. After interviewing Indigenous Australians all across the country, Sir Ronald Wilson in the Stolen Generation Report recommended an official apology. John Howard, in response to this, one of the most significant pieces of research in Australian history, ignored its recommendations, sacked Sir Ronald Wilson as head of the Human Rights Commission and crushed the hope of a people who had just begun to think for the first time that the Australian government was going to listen to them.

Yet in the wake of this, Sir Ronald Wilson was gracious and hopeful. He made a lasting impact on me. My Indigenous Australian friend Vanessa Elliott, from the Bungle-Bungles in North Western Australia, honoured me by crying in my presence for half an hour, deeply expressing the pain of her people. Today, Kevin Rudd’s words were a step in a new direction, one Vanessa and her people and Sir Ronald Wilson and I and my family and friends have hoped for. I praise God for this step towards healing and reconciliation for my homeland.

Eowyn's 100th day of kindergarten! Jimmy jammy day! Mummy and Daddy and Coco are SO proud of our kindergarten girl!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grandma and Gump gave Coco this marvelous book, 'The Very Surly Ladybird'! THANKS!

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We like hotels!

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Katie wearing Coco's boa and tiara at Teatro Zinzanni:)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Coco wearing the wonderful green top Rachel and Victor gave her! Actually, she informs me, She's NOT Coco, She's a baby birdie!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Boa Galiculas

nath treats coco to a chocolate truffle

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The 4 year old! In the groovy skirt Godmother Becca made!

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Preparing for the morrow, celebrating Coco!

3 year old!