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Eowyn's 9th Birthday Party

Aha! I have worked out a new way to put pictures on my blog. Victory over technology (is always temporary....I must revel in the moments of seeming control!)

I love living near my nephew David Nicholas, my sisters Rachel and Seren, and my parents Mum and Dad!

I am very much looking forward to spending 2 weeks with my nephews Eddie, Seb, Roo and Zach, my nieces Martha and Stella, my brothers TOm and Sam, my sisters Anita and Becca, and my friend Caro!
(And I adore my little family Bens, Eowyn and Coco!!!!)

All four of us have had optometrist appointments recently. B, C and I have glasses, E has special eye strengthening exercises to perform twice daily.

Coco and I are VERY excited to be off to England soon!!
Hurrah hurrah!!!

Hello! I am trying to put some pics of Eowyn's lovely horseriding party, and once again am getting this nasty little red exclamation point, saying 'server rejects'. THis is why i consider computers to be more trouble than they are worth. They unique vexation of feeling utterly powerless in the face of this machine which works for all of your blogs, and not for mine! I shall, again, put a link to facebook, to the album with the photos of the horsey ride! Here 'tis:

EIGHT SLEEPS until Coco and I fly to England, to see you!!!!!! (Gimena and Karen, we shall see you again too, sometime....!!!!) And the rest of you, we'll see on our return! So blessed are we to have such loved ones in our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coco and my masterpiece, for Eowyn's horse riding party tomorrow!

Well, I can't seem to get this picture on to the blog, which doesn't give poor ol' Eldamar a very good prognosis, given that it takes a millisecond to put something on facebook, and 10 frustrating minutes to NOT put something on this blog. Hmmm. I am a little worried the ears will melt (on the cake), as it is really hot here at the moment, and the cake isn't until after the ride, and we don't have a cold box. We had one in the USA. There are still a lot of things we don't have here. The idea of throwing off the shackles of material items was lovely in theory. However in practice, it could mean the horse's ears, and alas, the entire cake, melt before their time. If you are curious as to what this cake looks like, you may view it on facebook -

Our marvellous Eowyn is NINE!!!!


The beautiful cake beautiful Coco made beautiful Eowyn for her 9th birthday!!!!!!!

thank you anita for the lovely flower love eowyn xxx