Eowyn and Coco fell asleep tonight in front of the TV. Bens and I were enjoying his special birthday dinner, & a bottle of Aussie Lindemann's red, when we heard the most awful sound from the Spare 'Oom. Coco was struggling with all her might to breathe, sounding like each gasp was her last. I held her and ran out into the cool night air, Bens called 911 and Eowyn ran to get Coco's blanket (which we all call 'My Own Blanket', because Coco does!)

Coco's beautiful blue green eyes were filled with fear. Her whole body strained and heaved to suck in each breath. We surrounded her with our words and bodies and love.

A bright red fire engine arrived, lights flashing in the wet, dark night. What if they couldn't save her? What if nothing any of us could do would keep Coco alive with us? My worst fear.

The firefolk brought a peacefulness with them. Coco's breathing became less laboured and squeaky. She looked at them with compliant reserve. The eldest listened to her breathing through a stethoscope, and explained that Coco has croup. Eowyn whispered that it was 'kind of wierd' having them here at our house. Robin, who said she has two girls too, gave Coco and Eowyn a bear and a doggie. Eowyn's favourite soft toy is Fiver, a white rabbit she was given by a fireman on her first Easter, when she had croup.

I'm holding Coco now, and am so thankful for her, and Eowyn and Bens ... and you, our electronic community.



Justin said…
My heart stopped reading this. Will she be ok long term?
Megs said…
Thanks Justin for your kind concern.Yes, she'll be ok long term - croup happens when a smallikin has a cold, because their little vocal cords leave such a tiny, narrow space.
So glad she's on the mend, Meggs. Please give her love from Grandma.
baker st jones said…
dear, dear girl . i hope she never gets it again!

sam and becca said…
darling coco, we're so glad you're ok gorgeous girl. here's a deep breath from us, praying that the deep, healing breath of Jesus will fill you. Love S&B

ps. i have to ask, why did the firetruck come?
Benjamin Ady said…
when you have a medical emergency in this country, the firetruck often comes rather than the ambulance. They are closer, and lots of the firefighters are trained as paramedics, and they have equipment on board for medical stuff (obviously not anything like what's on an ambulance) that is to say that the fire and medical sides of emergency response are all mixed in together here (at least that's how it seems to me)
Rachel Jones said…
thank God for the firefolk!
I'm glad little Coco is OK. How horrible for you, Megan, and you all.
I can't wait to see you soon!
Rachel Jones said…
Thank God for the firefolk!
I'm so glad Coco is OK. It must have been horrible for you all.
I'm so looking forward to seeing you soon!
Megs said…
we are all so thankful to have such a loving family caring so deeply over the sea.. thank you!!

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