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My acting bio for this year's EEU auction performance...Which pic should I use?!!!

Megan Ann Jones Ady
Megan's favorite role ever was 'Bilgewater Bessie' in the EEU's 2007 'Treasures' Auction. She has performed in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Benin and Italy as part of the LOGOS II Street Theatre Team. On white sandy beaches in her homeland, Australia, she has acted in Forster SUFM's theatre for children, for whom she also wrote and directed dramatic productions. Megan's love of theatre grew out of her delight in writing and directing plays which she and her five younger siblings performed in her childhood home. She is eternally grateful for the EEU's place in the lives of her children Eowyn and Cosette.

Eddie is going to bed three, and awakening FOUR!

We Ady ladies had the special treat of talking to Eddie his last night of being three - we even sword-fought on skype. Eddie you are a VERY good sword fighter, the best Peter Pan yet! We love you Eddie! Happy Birthday! And we loved seeing you Eddie, and you Sebbie, and you Uncle Tom, and you Auntie Anita! And hugs to Roo! It is so lovely to have this magical window into each other's lives, isn't it?

There is a pic of Laurel, me and her dog Spiffy, right

here!   Ah! Laurel, who is much more tech savvy than I, managed to transport the picture. And another element of my un-tech-savvy-ness is the fact that this whole band of text is now the link to the picture which you don't actually need a link to. There is a great divide, in time and in paradigm, between those for whom computers are intuitive - Laurel, Eowyn, Coco, Benjamin, Tom, Rachel, Seren, Sam ... and those like me, for whom they're not. Where do you fall (and for those I listed, did I get you right?)


You are such a big boy Eddie! FOUR! I love you VERY much! It was so fun being in Australia together and playing and singing and zumping and giving you big hugs! I wonder what you were pointing at in this picture?Love, Auntie Megan

Woo hoo!

At the top of Silver Fir Outback ski run, which, as it happens, is a blue run, rather than a black diamond run as I told you last time. But it is still very steep and very scary and I feel very pleased to have skiied it thrice today, as well as Golden nugget, Alpine (alone, the mountain all mine, as they had closed! WOW!), Holiday & Alpental. This I'm guessing is my last ski for the season. Perhaps the next time I ski will be in Australia! Thanks, Bens darling, for a superb Christmas present!

Silver Fir!!





Admittedly with the support and encouragement of a lovely lady from ski patrol. It was my great friend Karen's favourite run, Silver Fir, and it had closed, but I was still slowly (very slowly!) coming down the mountain, and she skiied up and said 'Take your time, you're doing well!' which was SOO encouraging.
Skiing is exhilarating. A sport I want to play all my life - and to introduce to my Eowyn and Coco (and any other of you that would like!) Now, the grammar and feel of that sentence were atrocious. But one nice thing about you blogging people is that you are so gracious and don't mind!
Bens had a really good job interview on Friday at the Kirkland (where Costco began!) Police Dept. - the position is as a 911 (emergency) dispatcher, and the people interviewing him, to whom he would report, were incredibly kind and great. SO I hope he gets it! 
I have all new people in my Little PEPperS groups this coming week, which is always nerve-wracking - frankly, I feel like…


i LOVE skype! it has been SO wonderful today and yesterday to talk with my lovely nephews and their lovely parents on skype! and the day before little David made the sweetest noises on the phone! i am thankful for this new way of connecting, and look very forward to skyping with all my wonderful family... i have a friend here who has no family whatsoever - i can't imagine - i am so thankful for my family, my dear little new family bens, eowyn and coco, and my dear big old family!