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Bens and I had a lovely adventure, backpacking UP a very steep mountain, to beautiful Surprise Lake, in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA, USA!!



Having worked 5 days a week all summer, I am DELIGHTED to inform you that I now have 3 weeks holidays! WHAT A WONDROUS FEELING! I think, being 39, delight is always tempered with the awareness that hope and disappointment go together. Still!! The girls are off to Camp Erin, a special camp for grieving children, 2 nights overnight. Bens and I shall backpack up to the Pacific Crest Trail and camp between Surprise Lake and Glacier Lake. I am excited! Bens isn't - he is a kindly husband, to come and do things which I really want to do and he doesnt. Next week, the four of us shall hike in to Boardman Lake, which all my family except my dear sisters, R, S, K, A & B, and my dear nephews E, S, R, D & Z have visited - Sam rode a log boat there, and we always think of him when there is a log floating - nobody else has ever been able to stay standing up!!!!!!!!
It was raining this morning, after a hot, sunny week, and the weather forecast was abysmal, Puddleglummish, Eeyoresque, sayi…

Oriole Camping Ground, Conconully, Eastern Washington, August 16, 2009

Dearest Susan, wife of Ben, Mother of Benjamin and Kat, Nana of Eowyn and Coco, sister of Carol and Jack, friend of Betty & Dave, Darcy & Rick, Jane & Jack, Joe, Jim & me,
We love you. We have loved your body - your blue eyes, filled with mischief and delight. Your lips, kissing us, speaking to us, eating chocolate. Your voice, sometimes excited, sometimes soft, occasionally stern. Your songs. Your hands, stroking baby's soft head, scrubbing counters so clean, writing forwards, writing backwards, writing words of kindness and love and honesty and acceptance. Words from the Bible, reflecting Jesus, whom you love. Your arms, hugging us, lifting up baby Benjamin and baby Kat and baby Eowyn and baby Coco. Your nose, smelling the pretty flowers in your garden, sensing the beauty and the wonder in the world. Your ears, listening to us. your heart, loving us, forgiving us, trusting us, hoping for us. Your face, frowning, lighting up, laughing, caring, loving. Your big toe,…

Meg answers Molly’s 3 questions!

Molly asked me these 3 questions, and I answered them for her, and wanted to share my answers with you! 1.When you think about ways to spend your time, what do you find yourself most passionate about (might be your occupation, or might not--also could be hobby or leisure activity)?I am passionate about the big round moon which just peeped out behind the clouds. I am passionate about trees and sunshine and rain and rhythms. In a little moment of free time, I like to dance under my sacred trees in our garden, and in a longer moment I like to hike in the Cascade Mountains, especially in places which feel untouched by human hands.Another thing I am passionate about is nurturing and caring for people, especially those who are small or powerless. I am passionate about mothering my children. I want to comfort people and make the world around them less threatening. Our family sponsors an 8 year old child named Raha who lives on the West Bank in Israel. When we receive photographs of her I cry…

"Is this a piece of your brain?"

Yep.This toothpaste like gooey concuction is, somehow or other, me! And the good news is, everything is normal, no sinister tumours or aneurysms or other such things. Well, brilliant, but medically normal. So there's no explanation for my very low oestrogen - please pray my body starts making it again, as I miss having oestrogen and menstrual cycles, and it's essential for strong bones.

Dinner Time at Bag End! (Yes, You're Invited...)