Ever up and ever in! (CSL, The Last Battle)

A Jones-ish ad, and a very scared me trying to climb a wall. I had NO IDEA how terrifying it is to have to trust a rope and a stranger below me holding onto it! Blindly confident, I set off on my ascent, to find inordinate amounts of adrenaline surging through my veins about half way up. (Would Arch Hart disapprove, Father?)
PS Got new socks today. Now I can face winter head on, armed and dangerous! Winter, beware!!
PPS I've been having a horrid struggle with seasonal affective disorder since the weather turned gray, cold and rainy. Basically, this means I feel sluggish, depressed, hopeless and pathetic. Some days I don't fight it and just try to trudge through the day - other days I endorphin-up with exercise, and stand a little chance. It's horrible, because I want to be present and able to enjoy being with my beautiful Eowyn and Coco and Bens. Going to Australia in 3 weeks shall be a wonderful reprise, but returning in January after summertime scares me. Last time I came back to Seattle winter after Aussie summer, I had a major depressive episode and it was dreadful.


Stephanie said…
oh dear! S.A.D. is serious. get some meds, mine really help! :)

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