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A crisp spring morn!

Eowyn & Coco's hampster woke me at 4am, scuttling around Bens and my bedroom. I couldn't get back to sleep, so went for a wondrous early morning stroll, down to the pond, where our family of beavers and two families of ducks were swimming in the crisp spring morn. I felt close to my maker, and amazed at the wonder I sleep through almost every morning!!

Summer shall soon arrive! HOORAH HOORAH HOORAH!!!


Eowyn is learning to read!!!

Coco and the Russian Hampster!

I'm not sure whether this one is Birthday, Coco's hampster, or Sally, Eowyn's hampster! They regularly escape their bonds and awaken me in the early morning, tickling me with their delightful little whiskers! The girls love sharing them with every guest who comes to our home! (We like guests!!)

The Story of the Weeping Camel

The vast, lonely Gobi desert surrounds the mother camel. She has no music to express the pain she feels, pain which goes on and on, seemingly without end. Into her exhaustion arrives her white baby camel, sadly bleating for his mother’s warm body and satiating milk. She pushes her child away, and loses herself in the arid wasteland. The white camel pursues her and she snarls at him, threatened and afraid.

My five-year old daughter Eowyn watched The Story of the Weeping Camel with me, and said: “She wanted to love the baby, but she didn’t know how to love the baby.” Like the mother camel, I had no music to express my deep pain throughout my childhood and adolescence. When other people and God sought to extend love to me, I hid in the expanse of my loneliness and unsung sorrow.

“Hooooooos” sang Ogdoo to the mother camel, her voice enchanting and mysterious. The desert winds caught the strings of the violin, and played a single note, haunting and resonant. The mother sang the note with the…
Reflecting on motherhood, I am very thankful for my role in Eowyn and Cosette's life, and theirs in mine. This chalk drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, entitled 'Virgin with Child, St. Anne & St. John the Baptist' is a favourite of mine. I love Mary's deep serenity, and long for such myself.

Bens and Sue (his lovely mom!) dancing!





Our lovely Canadian get-away with Arenda!!!!!


May 8th is...

...national outdoor sex day. celebrate!!!!

Bouncing's what tiggers do best!!!!!!!

Coco knows 'Madeleine" off by heart...

"First Day of May
Things are Beginning
Down in the Shadows
Hip Hip Hooray!"
James Taylor
(I'm not so sure about the shadows line...)

Yesterday I began my first novel!
...In the forests above Salzburg, where it is summer.
I am excited about this new venture, down in the shadows!!!