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You're invited to celebrate the Winter Solstice with our family, a long-time Ady annual tradition which we would love to share with you!

I'm going to make a main dish - feel free to bring a side dish, dessert or drink, or just your lovely selves, whatever is easiest for you!!

June 21st, 6pm, Eldamar!

Pondering. Wondering. Hmmmmmm...

I love the close-knit-ness of this blogging community. I am thinking of you all as I sit down at our computer, this cold, cosy Sunday morning.

I have been offered a job as a secondary school nurse. This is exciting, in a lot of ways, and daunting. One specific concern of mine is that the supervisor is something of a tough 'un. She seems angry, and makes discouraging, suspicious comments. I am one who thrives on encouragement, and it daunts me to work with such a person. I don't know her well, so there is something to be said for waiting to find out more about her, but then again, my intuition is good, and I trust myself. I had awful experiences of being bullied when I worked as a student midwife at Blacktown Hospital special care nursery. But I am older now, and I think more able to stick up for myself. I had the most incredible, encouraging, uplifting supervisor in my job at PEPS in Seattle, and thrived with her. It's almost as if when I have somebody believing I am amazi…
Thank you Becca and Sam for your beautiful blogpost about my flying visit! I so loved seeing your dear family, and Anita and Tom's dear family! It was wonderful, and I cherish this time! I am excited that Mum shall be there with you very soon, and then Rachel, David and Seren in the fall. It is such a gift to have these moments together.
It is soooo good to be home, with my darling Bens and Eowyn and Coco. I feel thankful beyond measure for this little family of mine, for all of you I saw on this adventure I've just had, and for this marvelous blogging community which keeps us connected, such a profound gift.

3 seats in a row

3 seats in a row for the 13 hour Pacific crossing! Zoom zoom a zoom a zoom zoom!

Off to my wonderful family

Off to my wonderful family after a delightful visit with the lovely Harpers! Can't wait to hug dear B, dear E and dear C!

ridin' the Chicago subway to

ridin' the Chicago subway to JOHANNA JOHN RUDI AND MARGOT's. Excited!

Landed in Chicago! The time

Landed in Chicago! The time with family in London was AMAZING! Warsaw was elegant, the Polish folk I met very kind...

We have lift-off! We are

We have lift-off! We are airborne! Flying high! Happy Meg! Higher and higher... !

@ i can't believe this!

@ i can't believe this! I'm on the plane just about to take off! i really AM on my way to London! YAY!


@ BOARDING MY FLIGHT TO LONDON! See you at Heathrow, Tom, and soon after, Sam, Becca, Anita and all my lovely nieces & nephews!

@ is OVERJOYED! My flight

@ is OVERJOYED! My flight to London is ON! Soon i shall see my lovely family there! GOOD volcano! Yippeeeeeeee!

@ is at the Philly

@ is at the Philly Museum of Art on the one day of the year It's free!!

@ hoping hoping hoping she

@ hoping hoping hoping she can fly to London tonight!
Wow! The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were born right here, where I am!

@ is wandering around Philly

@ is wandering around Philly covered in bad ass tattoos!

@ just saw a ground

@ just saw a ground hog!

@ sooooo thankful for 14

@ sooooo thankful for 14 hours sleep and that i packed disposable underwear in my carry-on! London, here I come!

@ stranded in Philadelphia, feeling

@ stranded in Philadelphia, feeling teary and sad, booked on flight 728 Arriving london heathrow may 19 @10 05 am ...

@ please pray the volcano

@ please pray the volcano behaves itself and Manchester airport opens for me to reach my lovely family in London

Chocolate! I look very raunchy

Chocolate! I look very raunchy and foxy with nouveau egyptian twenties cat eyes! And one hundred and one tattoos!
I accompanied Eowyn and her class on a field trip to 'our' zoo today! You may recognise these butterflies from posts by Rachel, Seren, Sam and Becca, on various family members! The butterflies flew laconically, peacefully, gently, harmoniously around, and Eowyn and her friends kindly caught butterflies for each small child present, and carefully coaxed them onto the little ones' hands. It was like being in a sweet dream!

Coco has just given me the most magnificent luminary with a lit candle inside - I love it! How did she know??!!

Poor Bens is in bed, sick. xoxoxoxo

Megs is excited about... SEEING YOU SOON!
Naomi and I had a lot of fun at Avak (pictured, with his lovely wife Anita)'s party on Friday evening, diving into photos being taken of other people. It was especially fun, because we knew nobody there save for Avak, Anita and Bens. I love this pic - the perfect photo dive, in that the intended subjects remain visible...

Last night, Seren, Bens and I attended a beautiful Samhain celebration, honouring our loved ones who have died, and   celebrating our movement into darkness, and the Celtic New Year. I honoured my brother Stephen, my grandparents Rachel and James (whom I have never met), and Benjamin's Mom, Sue. Seren honoured our Great Aunt Martha and our friend Jim Campbell. It was a significant time of grieving together, and made me realise that our society lacks something in the way we keep death on the periphery of our awareness. I wonder if this is why violent movies are so popular - because at some level we need to focus on death, and we have to some degree made tackli…