Coco update!

Coco is much better this morning, 'though she still sounds a little like Darth Vader!!!! I said 'Bless your little heart', to which she replied 'I am blessing it!' Dear Coco! I'm popping onto this post an eclectic array of pictures, including Eowyn making Grandma's delicious date slice recipe for Benjamin's birthday. We ate Lyn Jordan's beef stroganoff recipe for his bday dins, and Becca's soft centred chocolated puddings for his cake! They were DIVINE! And Coco was already better enough to eat hers ... with LASHINGS of creme!!!! Thank you all for your care and concern for our little ones! Love, Megs


sam and becca said…
i've a big grin across my face from looking at these photos. you guys rock. us
baker st jones said…
can i have the date slice recipe?

peter robinson is here and he brought all your lovely gifts - THANK YOU


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