Meg's Magical Stuffing!

stale hard Italian breads, chopped (enough to fill your turkey belly!)
red wine (generous splosh)
lemon juice (dash)
sage (lots!)
fresh ground tellicherry pepper
fresh ground sea salt

mix and pack it in!
yum! our thanksgiving was most festive, thanks to my stuffing! (OK, i'm taking just a LITTLE too much credit...)


baker st jones said…
i know Bens traditionally cooks Christmas lunch, are you the Thanksgiving cook?

Anonymous said…

What's tellicherry pepper?
Megs said…
Tellicherry is a region of India. The peppercorns picked there are more mature, therefore bigger, than any other. It's kind of gourmet, in the black pepper line of things. You could use regular black pepper!!!

Yes, I guess I am the Thanksgiving cook!!!!!!!!!! We loved Christmassing last year with you, Baker St. Jones'!!

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