2 Questions...

1. What song am I singing in this photo?
2. What is (/would be) your favourite song to sing for Karaoke?
Can't wait to read your answers! For some reason I have this burst of childlike enthusiasm.

The first crocuses of the season popped their purple heads out of Earth today and said HI! Nana loved her first crocuses each winter, and would get so excited about them, and that the days were gradually getting longer, and that there was this ONE warmish day in the middle of January - her eyes would gleam as she talked joyously... She was such an example of finding beauty in sorrow, light in the long winter, a smile in response to my frown... Bless her heart.


is it.. with or with out you U2
OR something of the latest coldplay
OR blue moon?
I've probably heard u sing blue moon more than any other song!!
caroline said…
hmmm I don´t know maybe somthing hippy.... :-)
Abba "The winner takes it all" ??or Baetles "Let it be"??
My favorit song would be....hmmm
I would love to sing "Space Cowboy" from Jamiroquai but I guess its to difficult :-) so maybe "Sorry" from Tracy Chapman -much easier....
Martin wouled sing:Flatbeat from Mr.Oizo :-)
But would definately love to hear you sing! :-)
hug Caroline
Megs said…
Sam, Blue Moon is the right era of our communal life...

Caro, I once sang 'Let it Be' for an audition, and accidentally started an octave too high ... it was hilarious! (Needless to say, I didn't get into Les Miserables - Suey did though, and Sam and I went to see her!)

Keep guessing...
Elvis: Love Me Tender,Love me true.....and just ever so slightly out of tune......
Me, I'd sing Santa Baby
1. Blue Moon (that was really my idea - before I saw Sam's comment!)
2. Funky Town
Megs said…
Good guesses Mum and Rachel, but no, keep guessing. Should I give a clue perhaps?!
Benjamin Ady said…
Sweet child of mine?
Where's the clue?? I'm thinking "Catch a Falling Star" ??????

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