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I have entered a phase of avidly reading 'The New Yorker'.

I get so involved in each article I'm reading, and have just been poking around on the internet after finishing a thrilling read. I thought I would share with you the comment I wrote on this blog in response to Tom Robbins:

I loved Janet Malcolm's 'Iphigenia' article. (I also love Tom Robbins' novels!!) I like the way she includes herself in the story - it really is rather brilliant. As a journalist myself, I found her commentary about our profession fun, thought provoking and particularly interesting in painting the picture of journalists in court, and the community created around a long case like this one. I also very much appreciated her delving into the spaces between "fact" and the stories we create. And she really IS much harder on lawyers than she is on journalists: "We go through life mishearing and misunderstanding so that the stories we tell ourselves will add up. Trial lawyers push this human tendency to a higher level. They are playing fo…