Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 Questions...

1. What song am I singing in this photo?
2. What is (/would be) your favourite song to sing for Karaoke?
Can't wait to read your answers! For some reason I have this burst of childlike enthusiasm.

The first crocuses of the season popped their purple heads out of Earth today and said HI! Nana loved her first crocuses each winter, and would get so excited about them, and that the days were gradually getting longer, and that there was this ONE warmish day in the middle of January - her eyes would gleam as she talked joyously... She was such an example of finding beauty in sorrow, light in the long winter, a smile in response to my frown... Bless her heart.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sarah Michal Caley...

...and Megan Ann Jones Ady sip cosmos in the hot tub! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! It's 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now - 0 degrees centigrade - and the frost is spectuacular - it looks like snow! The galliculas and I are going to whizzzzz out, as quick as a flash, and jump into the Jacuzzi for a lovely soak. The chilly moment JUST before being immersed is blissful!

I am picking up learning New Testament Greek where I left off years ago - I'm working through John, my favourite book in the Bible, and the English version I'm using is the Good News Bible Dad and Mum gave the girls - I just love the pictures - I think in my imagination Jesus is a stick figure with a square face!

I have just ordered 'Different Like Coco' (a fabulous children's story about Coco Chanel) for Coco's birthday next Monday, and printed a story I wrote which Eowyn is going to illustrate for Coco. By the way, please tell me if you would like me to show you the story I'm working on for writing group. I'm ever so thankful for my writing group. We're meeting this afternoon at 4.30 at Third Place Books, a brilliant little pub. Although sadly the kitchen's been taken over by the awful new Greek restaurant upstairs. I love Greece, and in fact would be delighted to reclining in a deck chair on almost any Greek Island right now, indulging in the juxtaposition of bright white architecture and bright blue sky and deep blue sea. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found there 2 little monkeys at Eowyn's school playground! Think i might just take them home!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Shiner, in honour of Monica's birthday!

Thankful am i for a WONDERFUL Charleston Carolina adventure with dear Kerstin!

This ocean touches Europe and Africa South America and me! Howdy, London Jones' & Gimena & Caro!

Wow! Everything here is so old, relatively speaking! I love that which is old. I love 2 particular young 'uns rather, too!

The Old Hugenot Church. Charleston's history is absolutely fascinating! I'll tell you more in person! Love Megs

Lovely Kerstin! #end

Lovely Kerstin!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Atlantic Ocean!

I swam in the cold Atlantic Ocean!



Our courtyard!

KERSTIN! HURRAH! And the Charleston River! I'm in South Carolina!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My lovely little fam!

The Scissor Fiends

Written with love for Eowyn and Coco, to be read aloud to them by my darling Bens whilst I am in South Carolina

Love, Mummy


Once upon a time there were two scissor fiends – a big sister, whose scissor-nose was long and sharp, and a small sister, whose scissor-nose was short and blunt, The sisters loved each other very much, and would bounce around their world holding hands and singing songs. Their world, I should tell you, was planet Jupiter, the biggest, roundest, merriest planet in our solar system, with a big, red spot on the side. One day, the sisters found a little, green spacecraft. There seemed to be a kind of old-fashioned typewriter sitting inside it, with a golden question mark painted on its side. There was a piece of crumpled paper in the typewriter.


Little sister scissor fiend excitedly bounced onto the keys. SSSSSSAAAAAATTTTTTTUUUUUU bumped the keys. And then they all got stuck together. Big sister scissor fiend crossly pulled them all apart. “SatuRN!” she cried, finishing off the word. “You wrote Saturn! The ring-ed planet!” The little green space ship begin to bump up and down and make a very loud noise. The sisters looked at each other. Everything went eerily quiet. Suddenly, the little space ship began hurtling off into the sky, towards the stars. The sisters were thrown into the two seats, and quickly fastened their seatbelts, being very good at this sort of thing.


The teeny weeny green space ship arrived at Saturn, hovering gently over Saturn’s rings. The rings glowed gently in the starry night sky, each shimmering and emitting every colour in the rainbow, glinting, just for little moments, like Mummy’s ocean green nose jewel. The sisters jumped out of the space ship and danced around the rings. When the small sister wasn’t watching, the big sister cut right through all the rings, a very tinky thing to do indeed.


Exhausted, the sisters flopped back into the space ship, big sister typed ‘HOME’ and off they whooshed, Jupiter’s red spot getting bigger and bigger and bigger! At home, they were very excited about their adventure, and used a secret word, namely GALICULA GLEE  to speak of Saturn’s rings, so Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t find out.


Next morning, little scissor fiend popped her booster seat in first and climbed into the spacecraft before anybody else was awake and typed ‘SATURN’. The spacecraft made a very loud noise and belched and bumped and wiggled, and then went quiet. Little sister was sad, and about to climb out and get ready for school when suddenly,  the spaceship whizzed off into the sky. Of course, she fastened her seatbelt.


The first thing she did when she arrived at Saturn was to carefully type ‘HOME’ onto the typewriter with the golden question mark on the side. The next thing she did was most exceedingly tinky – very slowly, as her scissor-nose was still short and blunt, she cut all the way through Saturn’s rings. She danced off. Not realising her elder sister had also cut through the rings, she was quite taken about to find her way to another cut, which she thought was hers, but actually was her sister’s, and see no space ship. She was frightened, and ran as fast as she could back to her cut. She realised her cut was different to the other cut, as it was a little more wibbly-wobbly, her scissors being, as we know, somewhat blunt and short.


Lo and behold, the spacecraft was gone! Being a good, obedient little sort, it had read ‘HOME’, and whizzed back there. Big sister was just about to ride her bike to school when the spacecraft arrived. She thought little sister had already left on the the bus, until she saw the booster seat in the spacecraft. Oh dear, she thought. She jumped in, and typed ‘SATURN’S RINGS’. The spacecraft made an awfully loud noise, and then stopped. Big sister scissor fiend was somewhat dejected and about to get out when WHOOOSH! Off into space she flew. She ran all around Saturn’s rings, from one cut to the other, not knowing there were actually two cuts, crying and calling her sister’s name. “Little sister, I love you, and I will never be mean to you again. Well, I might occasionally be, but I’ll try very hard. I just can’t imagine you not being there with me so much of the time and you’re the best!” Suddenly, across the other side of the jagged cut, which unbeknownst to Big sister scissor fiend had actually been made by little sister scissor fiend, there she was! Little sister scissor fiend, crying too and reaching out her arms. “Thank you so so so so so very much for coming to save me, big sister scissor fiend! I love you too and I am so thankful for you!”


However were they going to cross the chasm? The little green spacecraft began to make a loud noise, even though nothing new had been written on the typewriter embossed with a golden question mark, and before big sister could get in, its door had slammed on Saturn’s rings, and it was chugging and pulling as hard as it could, to bring the two rings together. The sisters ran across the newly formed path, and hugged. Little sister proudly showed big sister how she could write ‘HOME’, and off they went.


Oh dear – on arrival home, they realised Saturn’s rings – well, actually, HALF Saturn’s rings – were streaming behind the little green spacecraft. When they opened the door to get out, the rings formed a circle, above their bunk bed, and slowly danced around, shimmering gloriously, glinting every colour in the rainbow. The girls looked up, amazing at such beauty. However were they going to get them back to Saturn? They couldn’t leave that planet only half surrounded by rings! Each girl tried really hard to catch the rings, but they wavered and wriggled and danced and jiggled elusively, keeping just out of reach, ever spinning around in their glorious pattern.


The scissor fiends looked at each other, and decided from hence forth, they wouldn’t cut anything unless they really knew they were allowed to cut it. As each girl went off to school, she wondered how ever they would manage to get the beautiful rings back to Saturn. And that, dear Eowyn and Coco, is the story I shall tell you on my return from Kerstin and South Carolina!! I love you, yes I love you, Cosette, Eowyn and Benjamin!




Friday, January 16, 2009

Book worm in purple! Eowyn takes after both parents in loving reading!

My phone memory is full...of self portraits by Coco Popsie! Wonder how this technology shall affect the new generation's self awareness?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clams Linguine

HELLO! My good friend Jana just asked me for this recipe, so I thought I'd share it with you all!!!!

have the linguine water boiling, and...
you can steam open the clams yourself, in season, later in the year, or buy them in a can. In a wok or frying pan, pop each ingredient in, allow to simmer a bit, and pop in the next. garlic - a clove or two, squished with the blade of a knifea generous splosh of white winethe clamsoregano ... fresh or dried ... sprinkle sprinkle, lots and lots!!chicken stock (half a cube - only add water to it if you're using freshly steamed open clams)cream cheese - i use two packets! you can get away with just onegrated parmesanYUM! indulgence time. serve with salad or veggies, over pasta, and a bottle of white wine.
To be followed with CHOCOLATE of course!!
Much much love,Megs

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Tiqa is snuggling close to her Mama Qila (just like my babies Eowyn and Coco are snuggling close to me right now!) The Beluga Whales at Vancouver Aquarium were mesmerisingly beautiful. In the icy polar ocean, around birthing the women are separate from the men, and so Grandmother Aurora, Qila and Tiqa were in their own special blue world. In my heart I celebrated womanhood, motherhood, childhood and the wisdom of Grandmothers. 

The whales are born gray and throughout their lives gradually lose their gray skin and are dazzingly white in old age - wisdom, purity, the loveliness of being old. I've just finished reading the excellent 'Water for Elephants', which led me to contemplate growing old. Eowyn was very interested to learn that the baby belugas turn from gray to white aged about six, meaning she'd be turning white round about now, whilst Coco would still be gray.

We really enjoyed having Sarah Caley visit us on her wonderful around the world adventure. It's ten years and one week since last I saw her. And when I met her, she was Eowyn's age! She's off to kombivan around Ireland, one of my two homelands (soon to become THREE!)

Love to you all,

Our floating meadow and Sarah and Eowyn!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reunion! It's been ten years.

Cheers, Aussie style!

Sarah and Coco and Grandmother Baby Beluga, with whom . Fell in love! By the way, i found the lost green card and they let me into the usa - some angst-y moments there!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Polar Bear Pics in the Seattle Times!

Somebody's hand covers my face, but that IS me, in the paper!! Woo hoo!
...and that's me with my leg in the air?!
Karen's fab polar bear pix made me feel a little sheepish for doing the sloth bear plunge on New Year's Day, in our hot-tub! BENS did the Lake Washington polar bear plunge! Karen's blog, and all the blogs I follow (in the right margin) are very worth taking a peek at. I only follow really really good blogs (and yours, if you're not on the list!!! I have this personality tendency to always want to include people and never exclude them. Where does your personality fall on the include---exclude spectrum? And I wonder WHY we are the way we are, in this respect?)
PS I'm applying to the Iowa Writers' Workshop 3 week summer program - would you like to join me?!!!!!!!!

Back to school - our commute!

Bens, Eowyn and Coco are quite the snow-lady makers! They sculpted this beauty whilst I was at writing group, sipping my fav beer, Hacker Pschorr

Monday, January 05, 2009

Bens and i are experts in the art of making up!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Coco the lion-heart!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Eowyn and Mummy's annual Silvester Treat at the Queen Mary Tea Room!