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Today is Bens' birthday, Melbourne Cup day & the US election. We celebrated 2 of these things at Grandma and Gumps.

My poor forgotten blog...

Well hi, Eldamar, I am so sorry to have neglected you so utterly in recent months! I shall find a photograph or two, to happily adorn you... or perhaps only one, of my loved one in the sun!!!!

Eowyn's 10th Birthday Party!

We had a lovely, sunny celebration of Eowyn yesterday at Luna Park.


Image, today, after dropping Laurel, Clementine and Bump at the airport, Mum and I had lunch together, and Champagne. "Don't tell Dad!" said Mum, a delicious gleam in her eye. Nextly, I went to my dear friend Laura's, and we made up a fabulous cocktail. "Don't tell Max!" said Laura, smiling delightfully.

It's always more fun when it's "forbidden", isn't it???!!
Coco's 8th party today was delightful! Special thanks to Mum, who did a sensational job running the games, and Serendipity, who created Coco's brilliant costume! This pic is just after pass the parcel, in which everybody won at least one small koala, and Tasmin won the orange dinosaur she is proudly hugging!!

We're just home from a simply delightful summer holiday!!

Our campsite had this fabulous little walk-over entrance - it felt like another world.

We Ady ladies are very much looking forward to our spring holiday in Dorset!

I am so very thankful for my dear little family, and for each of you!

Love Meg