This is Jonathan, who has lived all his life in Kosovo. Eowyn & Coco loved his company.

My ailment has now been with me for 3 weeks.

I just watched and was much amused.

I don't think anybody reads these blogs any more. The only people who comment on mine are Bens and me. Hello! Is there anybody out there? (or is it in there?) I have become comfortably numb...

Bit depressed, methinks.


sam and becca said…
hey meeps! we look at your blog at least once a day. rubbish a leaving comments, but we are here don't you worry :)
do you know we can't get across to Seattle when we come in the summer :( it was just working out to be way too expensive. we're getting a good chunk in maine - its kind of the winter heartland, like the farm is to us.
we love you guys. so sorry you're still ill, that sucks! i hope and pray you all get better really soon. are you getting lots of vitamin c?
caroline said…
Hey Meg -I´m looking at your blog almost every Day :-) and I love it!
It´s nice to be abel be a part of your live even its over the big blue!
And I love to see pics from you all espacialy from Eowyn and Coco because they change so much!
so keep going :-)
love you! Caroline
Helen said…
Hi Meg, I read your blog. I'm so sorry you're still sick :(

Thanks for the link to the Monty Python video - I loved it!
Rachel said…
Hi, Meg! I enjoyed the photo of your lovely girls. It was so wonderful to meet you Seattle! I felt we were soul mates, then it was sad to say goodbye and no more seeing each other.

I must tell you that I operated a ONE Campaign table at a conference I recently attended and wore the shirt you gave me! :-)

I have a blog now too, just started a few weeks ago:
Benjamin Ady said…
Megsie poosa,

I love you. See! People are reading your blog! If you want them to leave comments more often, you might try posting provocative questions with words like "sex", "penis", "nucular proliferation", "strangulation", "fair trade", "body piercing", "god as female", and the like in them =)

I'm sorry you are so sick. You still rock even when you are sick. I love the Monty Python video. Is the mouse thing only for guys? Maybe we could do some squeaking together sometime =)
Kat B. said…
I am here. I read your blog and have hope that hapiness and a family is out there, waiting for me. I take heart from knowing I'm a stranger in a strange land too. I smile at your children and enjoy your stories. Whoever says the Internet distances people clearly hasn't tried it very much.
baker st jones said…
i am here too (finally)...v tired, must go to bed right now

JadeEJF said…
I'm reading! I just stumbled across your blog from Ben's actually :) I was the redhead at Shemaiah's party :)

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