Seattle is gray, gloomy and dull today, so I wanted to brighten my blog with some colour! ... sentence interrupted by eager children running out of their room laughing when i put them to bed an hour this the common plight of parents, or just us? are other children, as i sometimes suppose, acquiescently and obediently lying peacefully in their beds, whilst mine run riot? They are being cats now. (actually, they're not - i just pasted this from an hour-old email, to convey the bedtime battle ... but needn't have - Eowyn's calling 'MAMA! Coco wants you! Coco needs you! Coco's crying!' Coco is doing her fake baby cry ... They really do have a delightful relationship, but ... they exhaust me ... or I am exhausted by them! What is your favourite colour on this spectrum wheel? Mine are the carker orange and the lighter green, because they're such jolly colours. Hope my little pic brings some brightness into your e-day!


baker st jones said…
i like the blue and pink

Stephanie said…
Supernanny is the answer...and consistency too.

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