Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coco creating chocolate souffle for Auntie Seren!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy birthday darling Serendipity Rose!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eowyn is an exceedingly kind person. We are realising that Coco has difficulty distinguishing between auditory ground and figure (background noise and what somebody is saying to her), and that Eowyn often 'interprets' what Coco has missed, so that Coco understands. We have booked Coco to see a very good Audiologist named Lesley Tan, who is in high demand, so the appointment is not until October. Coco has had a difficult time adapting to the routines of her new classroom. It was a conversation with Seren, celebrating Solstice, which helped me realise what has been happening for Coco.
Coco has so much energy! Walking down the street is an exciting battle, an African savanna, a medieval castle, a complexly choreographed adventure. And she is always so delightfully sure that I'll want to play her game!

29! Samwise!

I'm fondly remembering Sam-birthdays across the years - the day you were born, hugging you for the first time and feeling your soft, warm baby skin, your 2nd birthday in Ky, when you were the cutest little waddling dumpling! Your 6th birthday when we'd just moved to Sydney, just after Stephen died, our camping trip to the Jenolan Caves, where you and I and laughed uproariously the whole way, mooning the moon on the roof in Perth, celebrating your 21st in LA and Seattle, Patricia's fabulous 'Samwise' cake, doing ad lib spontaneous public drama together in Fremont by Lake  Union, seeing you last May in London, your wonderful appellations for people... !!!!
Love you, love being your sister, happy 29th birthday Samwise!
Love Meepsterooni!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR REUBEN! We love you! Now you are TWO!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


We had a delightful 4th of July celebration today at Mum and Dad's. Rachel gave us this fabulous flag. Mum's cooking was divine, as ever, and I baked a delicious apple pie! (Actually, I bought it at a store, and my honest Coco foiled my otherwise successful masquerade!) My nephew David Nicholas was very charming. On the way home, with Dad, we basked under the winter sun. And I just finished 'The Girls from Ames', in the bath, a wonderful tome celebrating women's friendships.

Last 4th of July, with much pomp and ceremony, I became a US citizen at the Seattle Center (created for the World Fair in 1960. Bens and my first married 4th was a BBQ at Ady Acres, when I'd just found out
I was pregnant with Eowyn. Their whole church came every year. Makes
me a little sad to think of Sue being alive then and not now.
Our 2nd 4th, Samwise was there with us, and some friends, and we
climbed onto the roof - the boys carefully passing baby Eowyn up - and
watched the first 4th fireworks display after 9/11 - very grand and
patriotic, with a great big ol' plane towing a mammoth flag. No, Sam txted from his phone, "It was a humongous, low helicopter carrying a massive US flag!"
Our 3rd 4th i was pregnant with Coco, and our 4th 4th (???!!!!!) the 4
(!) of us watched the fireworks from the window nook (not the roof
this time!!!!)

I wish you all a very happy 4th of July!!

Friday, July 02, 2010


We love you,  wonderful Anita Bosma Jones!!