This glorious picture of Princess Eowyn is on my cell phone, so now you can see what I see! Tallapoosa is a river we crossed twice in western Georgia and eastern Alabama, and has become one of Eowyn's nicknames. Long story.

If you'd like to, we'd love it if you could pray for:
Eowyn & me, who are having a hard time settling back into life-after-road-trip. Eowyn gets scared at night, because she is used to sleeping in the same room/tent trailer as Bens and me. (She and Coco are snuggled up in Coco's bed right now - they are such good friends!) I am feeling scared, too, in a kind of non-specific manner.
Bens, who is really sick, and nonetheless working, as is his wont.
Coco, who, like Bens, is very contented to be home!! She's having tests on the 12th at the children's hospital regarding her difficulty swallowing. We have to thicken all her fluids to help her learn to swallow properly.

Bens' Mum, Sue, has terminal cancer. Please pray for her, for healing and peace, miracles and hope, and for Bens' Dad, Ben, and his sister Kat and her Jim and us 4 at this time of sorrow.

Laurel and Chris, who are being married on the 9th. Laurel is doing much of the organising which is very overwhelming. Pray that she can ENJOY it all!
The homeless youth at nhmin.org who'll be in the writing group I'm leading for the first time on the 26th, and me as I prepare for it.
April & co. as they prepare for their Canada adventure (which includes us! Yay!)
My family scattered all about the world - Dad, Mum, Tom-Anita-Eddie-&-Baby, Rachel-&-Victor, My sister Seren, Sam-&-Becca & Emma-dog!


sam and becca said…
beautiful tallapoosa. such lovely eyes and cute little nose.

tallapoosa must be going back to poosa days?

i hope you know the perfect love of god which drives out fear. you know, i think we have authority to tell fear where to stick it, in jesus' name.

you guys rock and i pray you'll all sparkle there in bagend.

love s
sam and becca said…
i miss you megs and would love to talk. thank you for your most recent phone message. i think i am quite a fearful person but am learning to claim the truth that with God we need not fear and as sam said can tell satan where to go with it! it is really hard tho.

did you get our cheque for nhmin?

lots of love and prayers for you guys, becca
sam and becca said…
i especially get fearful about something happening to sam. i love him so much. he is away for the night tonight with work so i am feeling a little lonely in our big new pad and missing him. we're not very good at being apart. love you, becca
The strange thing about fear is that it is a fraud. When the worst actually happens, eg, when Stephen died, God is there for you.
baker st jones said…
that is so helpful gretta


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