Sad news. Dear Emma-dog is going to be put down on Friday at 5pm in Port Macquarie, Australia. I am devastated. Dear Emma. I remember her sleeping in Sam's Parramatta bed she was a pup, and my bed in Perth when she was big. Emma and I went for walks on the beach together most days in Perth, she smelling delicious rotting fish on the beach, me soaking in the blue sky and sparkling sea and soft white sand. I remember Emma jumping up to kiss me and giving me minor concussion, Emma walking into the room with a shoe in her mouth, wagging her tail with the most gorgeous doleful expression in her brown eyes. I adore Emma. It is so hard being far, far away, and wanting to hug her and say goodbye. Bens says Jesus will look after her and she'll be with him in heaven. That thought is comforting. It's all sad and heavy inside me. Emma's been part of the entire second half of my life...until now. I hate death. Life had better win in the end!!!


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