Evening comes when you call,
and all nature listens to you
because you hold it all.
And now you hold me.

Celtic Daily Prayer

Dear, precious Emma,
My heart breaks that you die tonight.
I love you so, and remember...
I remember you sleeping next to my bed, me scratching your ears and your neck and your tail, and kissing your wet nose. Sometimes you would jump into my bed, you big black dog, and take up so much room that I would push you out, and you would groan!

I remember you giving birth to your little puppies, and eating your placenta, and being such a lovely Mother.

I remember walking with you for hours and hours along beaches where dogs were not allowed(!), but you weren't just a dog! You would be delighted to find a smelly, rotting fish, and roll in it, and bring the foul aroma home! Today on the phone I told you we'd have a beach walk date together in heaven, and you sniffed the 'phone.

I love you Emma. You are part of my family. You were part of my wedding, and part of my adolescence, and a shoulder I could always count on to bury my head in and cry. You accept me and love me and look up at me with your trusting, lovely brown eyes.

Sleep now, Emma, sleep, and away with your sorrow,
Sleep now, Emma, sleep, and away with your sorrow,
Sleep now, Emma, sleep, and away with your sorrow,
Sleep, my loved one, in the Rock of the fold.

Sleep, Emma, O sleep in the calm of all calm.
Sleep, Emma, O sleep in the guidance of all guidance.
Sleep, Emma, O sleep in the love of all loves.
Sleep my loved one, in the Lord of life.
Sleep my loved on in the God of life.

(Celtic Daily Prayer)


sam and becca said…
that's a lovely prayer megs. and nice to remember emma. i had a bit of a spew in my blog entry on her. it was nice to spend time remembering dear emma. thanks for your messages.

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