Today we had a playdate with some of Coco's peps group, which was really fun!! Here's a little quiz for you! These pics are taken on our orange couch, which was so uncomfy to sleep on, we got rid of it, just for Mum! Which is Eowyn's peps group, which is Coco's peps group, which one is EOWYN and which one is COCO?!!!! My beautiful babies!!! I love them so!!


sam and becca said…
eowyn's is at the top, coco's at the bottom :)
Top one is E, near the checked baby. Coco, in bottom (note US phraseology)is near blue baby.
arenda said…
I guess that Eowyn's group is the top one, and that Eowyn in the baby looking right at the camera (fifth from the right); and that Coco's is the bottom one, with her being the baby in pink, also fifth from the right.

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