People don't need labels...

Do you ever have one of those moments of clarity where you think: "But of COURSE! From now on..." I had one tonight. I was talking to Shayla about Patricia, my Punk Rocker friend. Shayla said: "People don't need labels. Just Patricia will do," and I replied: "But of COURSE! From now..."

We made zines in writing group, and Shayla's went like this:
"People don't need labels. To separate people into groups just by what they look like and what they're into is ridiculous and makes them think they have nothing in common with each other. Labels separate people from each other. Labels make them forget they're all human."


sam and becca said…
i like that zine a LOT. it made me too go "of Course, from now on..." (tho i don't know what a zine is) becca

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