Lake Eowyn and Lake Susan!

Mummy: "How did you feel during your tantrum?"
Eowyn: "Sad. And mad."
Mummy: "How did you soothe yourself?"
Eowyn: "Sucking my thumb. And singing a song."
Coco: "And kicking things over!!"

These pics are from our refreshing, beautiful hike yesterday, with Susan, who was here from Canada for Laurel and Chris' wedding. The tree and Susan and me are by Eowyn! Coco's appointment today confirmed that she has dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and will need to continue having thickened fluids. Her dear little wind-pipe is enlarged and inflamed from the ongoing irritation to her lungs from fluid going down the wrong way. Please pray for her. She and Eowyn are so dear and precious. Bens is in California on business. We are getting very excited about Rachel and Victor's wedding!



sam and becca said…
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sam and becca said…
you girls are great! coco, you are a cheeky monkey!

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