Ma Famille!!

J'adore mon Bens, ma Eowyn et ma Coco!! We have just had a wonderful time with the Rowe family, and said goodbye. Goodbyes hurt my heart so very much. Many of the most important and dear people live far, far away, and whilst it is EXCELLENT being with them and enjoying the wonder of their presence, to say goodbye, which I seem to have to do so often, like to the lovely Rowes today, leaves a deep, deep ache. And yet I am thankful for three things. The ache being there means the love is magnifique. My dear and delightful little family, Bens, Eowyn & Coco, are with me almost all the time. Jesus is with me, even through and beyond death. My biggest desire is for my little family and my loved ones to be there too. I don't really understand what will happen when I die, how it will feel. I long so much for that to be the time when all the misplaced longings and sorrowful goodbyes are fulfilled in a deep being with each of you I love.


I love seeing such huge smiles on Benjamin's face: must be the prospect of all that study.

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