Coco's coach and team, just before their first ever game! (She is #7!) They were adorable! Really sweet. Coco, and Eowyn in her game, were very determined. I am proud of them! I think it is going to be good for them to be playing basketball, and their wonderful Daddy is a great basketball player. I love the scene in 'Father of the Bride' where Daddy and daughter play basketball together, the night before her wedding. Bens has been playing basketball with Eowyn and Coco, (and Gump!) and it is lovely to watch and cherish these very precious relationships. Mum, Dad, Rachel and David are coming to lunch tomorrow, and Seren on Monday for dinner - it is brilliant being close to some of the family - and we miss the family and close friends who are oceans away. Oh, to have you all in a teensy weensy provincial insular village!!!!!!!


Good listening to coach, #7!

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