As I did after Mum's lumpectomy in 1996, I am nursing Bens' surgical wound at home, rather than him having to go to the doctor/hospital for his dressings. As with Mum, this is a tremendous privilege. Bens is slowly getting more movement  in his hand.

I am sick, and cosily at home in my winter jammies, cooking chicken soup, drinking hot tea, lolling by the fire (well, heater, actually!) It is so luxurious to relax at home, yet I do it so infrequently. Whenever I am sick, I think, I should mooch around at home more oft!

I am listening to Greg Laswell.

How exciting and wondrous - I shall be seeing almost all of you in our little bloggery-neck-of-the-woods in May. I feel supremely happy about this!

Love Megs


Well done, Meggs. I know I am one of the few people I know, not to have had trouble with their wound after breast surgery - because of your nursing. Much love, Mum
caroline said…
Meg-Hope you are not sick anymore and just enjoying lolling by the "fire"? :-)
You look great as Dr. Ady!!!
AND I´m sooooo exited about your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
much love- still "la panza" caro

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