These days are marked by words beginning with the letter 'n'. A very lovely n is my New Niece, Stella Lucy, born at the Baker Street Jones' New Nook, on Harewood Row, accoucher: TOM! Brilliant birthing, Anita! Congratulations, big brothers Edmund, Sebastian and Reuben!!

A less lovely 'n' would be the nits which have decided to inhabit our hair. They are DISGUSTING, DEPLORABLE AND DESPICABLE, and DEAD, thankfully. Bens shaved his head, and we girls have intensive chemical attacks going on in our hair, under gladwrap. Bens has washed every item of linen and every garment we've worn  recently in hot water (15 loads!!!) I couldn't face it again, having done it already twice in the last week. This was when we were using the lovely herbal remedy for lice, which smells nice but doesn't work.

We are off to the farm for a week tomorrow - on the way, Eowyn and Cosette will see Stephen's grave for the first time.

We love you all!



caroline said…
Congreatulation to your nice!! :-)
and lovley week on the farm!!!
Moonaroo said…
Have a great time at the farm! Miss you much as always.

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