Bens is in St Vincents' Hospital overnight, on IV antibiotics, awaiting surgery on his hand in the morning. There's been a BB (bullet) in his hand for the past 18 years, and it has become infected and is limiting the movement in his hand. Poor Bens. It is really hard not to be able to be with him in the hospital. The girls are asleep, so I am staying with them, and shall go in to the hospital tomorrow after dropping them at school. At 11.30 I have a job interview at Save the Children, across the road from Bens' hospital. Please pray for him, and us all. Coco is scared Daddy will die, like Nana did. She said "People get sick before they die, don;t they Mummy?" Thank you for loving us.

This pic is kind of incongruent and random - I was looking for one of Eowyn as a baby. Our hard drive is a labyrinth - beware the minotaur!!


Moonaroo said…
Beware the BB! OMG! That could have been you the last night that you stayed at our house. I wish Bens a most speedy recovery and I love, love, love the picture.

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