Stephen's Grave

I cried this morning at the farm, seeing little Stephen's height less than 3 feet, when Tom's and Sam's heights grew to be so very tall. I wish Stephen had grown to be tall too! We measured Eowyn and Coco, and noticed, as well as we Jones siblings, heights for Edmund and Sebastian. It is so lovely to have children and nieces and nephews!!

It was lovely, and sad, to take the girls to Stephen's grave for the first time, and Bens for the second. We are very thankful for this wonderful farm holiday. It makes me feel connected to my lovely family, and my childhood self.  It is the first place I've been to in Australia that I have ever been to before, and have history with. No wonder it has been a challenging transition. I feel much more peaceful after this holiday. The girls and Bens loved it too. We'll be back!!!!


Jenny said…
I'm glad you had such a peaceful holiday Megs.
Yes, I'm glad it was so good, too. Notice that Stephen's grave is the only one with fresh flowers on it???

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