We're just home from a sunset swim!

It was beautiful, though there was some resistance to coming home, and somebody got very cranky with her children!

The experience of working as a midwife at Epworth Hospital was not what I had expected - caring for women  just after their c-section births, some who were bleeding, and caring for their vulnerable little babies, brought me back to the terrible fears of giving birth to Eowyn,  thinking she had died, then realising they were battling for my life and that I would probably die.  I am very thankful for my life, and Eowyn's life, for God's care for us.

When Cosette was born, she was taken straight to neonatal intensive care, and it was very distressing for me to be separated from her.

I have decided not to continue working as a midwife and a nurse. There's so much on my plate right now, adapting to a culture I had expected to feel familiar, which is actually very strange. One day I hope to work through  my birthing experiences in a healing way, but not yet. I'm going to go on the dole, and look for a job which inspires me, which utilises my gifts, creativity and initiative, and in which I can shine.

Love and hugs,


Anonymous said…
From Sarah: Dear, sweet Meg. For what it's worth, I support your decision and hope it brings you some peace. The right job, like the right home (Eldamar) is out there waiting for you to shine and share your numerous gifts.
But do remember, if things don't "fit" given time to adjust & settle, there's no law saying you must stay. Incidentally, we drove past bagend yesterday and it is siting empty, awaiting light to enter. xoxo
Moonaroo said…
How refreshing you are! So honest with yourself. The job is not worth your emotional health. There is something out there for you dear one. Word verification for this entry, "thedout"
Maine & Manor said…
Good for you Megan. It takes a lot of courage to take on SO much change as you have. It is very very strange indeed to go home and find it not so much the home you thought it was. I experience it every time I go to England and I think it helps my heart give up a just little more each time that longing to go back for good. I have a dear friend who returned from Chicago to her home of CA and 6 months later they are moving back to Chicago because she realized everything she wanted had changed and that it was all right here! The craziest part is that her daughter is Rudy's best friend and they are moving into the apartment above us!!!! Much love to you dear heart. xxxxxx Johanna

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