The playground at Eowyn and Coco's new school (first day Monday...)

Please pray for Eowyn and Coco as they start school - we are hoping our new school community will be a place where we can make good friendships. I always feel a little nervous when  I expect too much socially from people. I want to get  that balance right between  being too eager and too nonchalant.  I put an ad on the noticeboard and in the school newsletter to see if there are people interested in joining a writing group, not dissimilar to my wonderful, irreplacable Seattle writing group.

The anti-depressants are making me quite relaxed, which is a looooovely change.

Love you,


Monkey bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a cool jungle gym!
we will be praying for you as you start new school - for all of you. i'm sure you will all make wonderful friends.
love becca x

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