Beach yoginis!

Yoga on the beach is fun!!!!!!

In Seattle, something which made me gloriously happy was cooking in my kitchen. Today I baked for Coco's party, hoping for similar deep satisfaction, but it eluded me. In Seattle, walking in  the Arboretum fed the depths of my soul.  Yesterday, I walked in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, hoping for the same, but it was not to be. It leaves me feeling bereft, these unfulfilled secret longings that I don't realise I have until they are not satiated.

This, perhaps, shall be lovely, for us, and for you, my dear:

White Chocolate Mousse Cake
(From 'Chocolate - Australian Gourmet Traveller')

150gm chopped butter
150gm dark chocolate, chopped
1 cup bakers' (caster) sugar
200ml milk
1 cup self rising flour
1/2 cup plain flour
1/4 cup coco
2 eggas
(Powdered sugar, for dusting)

White Chocolate Mousse (I made this for Thanksgiving ... MMMMMM)
150gm lovely white chocolate (buy more as you'll nibble...if you are at all like me!), chopped
60gm chopped unsalted butter
1 egga separated
200ml thickened cream


La Mousse - in a double boiler melt the chocolate and butter, cool, whisk in egga yolka, keep whiskin', meanwhile whip la creme until peaks form and fold it into the chocybuttery delight. Cover and refrigerate until JUST firm...

Le gateau - in a double boiler, combine butter, choc,sugar and milk, cool, add flours and coco, eggs one at a time, pour into greased and base lined 22cm round cake tin and bake at 160 degrees Celcius for 75 minutes or until cake tester is clean....
Split hofizontally and place bottom half in a 22cm springform pan (thanks Mum for that!) spread with the mousse, pop on the top and refrigerate!

Love M


Anonymous said…
From Sarah: What shall we do about these unsatiated longings? If only I could send a package big enough to include your favorite Seattle-ings. Or bottle up the joy they brought you so you need only to open to return there.
Nonickname said…
The beach looks beautiful. I have had a busy go of it lately. I am planning to ring you up this week as it is well past time to have a chat!
caroline said…
Happy Birthday dear COCO!!!!!
Have a wonderful new year! God with you....
love Julie and Johanna and Caro and Martin

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