I'm experiencing depression - ironically, the last time this happened was when Bens and I moved to the Seattle area, 9 years ago. Big changes ... I wanted to tell the lovely little community of people who read my blog about this. I am going to a doctor on Friday, hopefully she will be able to prescribe me some anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines. The depression when we moved to Seattle got better when I went over to New York and spent a week with Tom and Anita, and when we moved into Cerin Amroth, the mansion overlooking the Cascades, and when I started the job at the pregnancy resource center, and when I found out I was pregnant with Eowyn. It is hope inspiring to know it goes away in the end. Things I usually love, such as writing and reading and taking photographs, I just am not doing. Ouch

Love, and thank you for being part of my life,



I love you, my Megan. When am I baby-sitting for you???
Anonymous said…
Sweet Meg. As much as I know you love new adventures they sure can take their toll on you. I'm so glad you're seeing someone Friday and hope she can help. Zoloft helps both depression & anxiety if that's an option for you. Sending lots of love along with wishes for a happier you in the coming weeks. Wish we could sit and talk. I SO miss our talks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxo Sarah
Anonymous said…
Hi Megs,

I'm sorry that you're feeling awful. Big moves are such hard work and are so stressful.

I'm not sure if your old email address works so I haven't emailed you, but now we're on the same continent perhaps we could chat on the phone. I'd love to catch up with my dear Megs.



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