Hello! I am feeling very homesick for Seattle today. Here are Eowyn and Coco, surrounded by lovely friends at dear Karen's home. I didn't expect the grief and sadness and longing for Seattlishness to last for so long. I started on anti-depressants today. The doctor had me fill out a questionnaire, and it made me realise how hard the December and January have been.

It is windy as can be today! I love the wind. "I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Where I'll end up well I think only God really knows..."


Anonymous said…
Would happily & lovingly greet you with open arms anytime you wish to return to Seattle!! It hurts me to know you're struggling & sad and I can't help you. And sadly, I haven't laughed like I laugh with you since you left! I miss you so very much, Meg! Sarah

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