I start work tomorrow as a midwife on the postnatal ward at Epworth Freemasons' Hospital, East Melbourne. Our alarum is set for 5am. FIVE AM! Good grief! I'm scary to encounter at 5am. I don't think the alarum will sound. I'll awaken at 8 or 9, and be super late. How does anybody awaken at 5am? And the day after that, too! And the day after that!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Secret said…
i do hope that will be your uniform. i'm sure the mothers-to-be would appreciate it. ;)
Jenny said…
Good luck with the 5am wake-up!!

PS: My blog address changed due to some stuff ups. It is now www.4chooks.com
baker st jones said…
more likely u will wake at 3am and 4am wondering if it is 5am yet...!?

hope it goes well


Kristine said…
I didn't know you're a midwife! I'm not, but being a breastfeeding consultant AND having 4 babies in 3 different countries AND having spent 4 months on bedrest surrounded by midwives, AND helped delivering my friend's baby, I feel I know a lot about it. :-)
Good luck with your job! (and the getting up at 5AM...)
martin said…
how was your first day?? and the other days so far????????
first weeks are always the worst..... at least for me.... :-)
I think of you!!!!!
love caro.

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