Sarah Michal Caley...

...and Megan Ann Jones Ady sip cosmos in the hot tub! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! It's 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now - 0 degrees centigrade - and the frost is spectuacular - it looks like snow! The galliculas and I are going to whizzzzz out, as quick as a flash, and jump into the Jacuzzi for a lovely soak. The chilly moment JUST before being immersed is blissful!

I am picking up learning New Testament Greek where I left off years ago - I'm working through John, my favourite book in the Bible, and the English version I'm using is the Good News Bible Dad and Mum gave the girls - I just love the pictures - I think in my imagination Jesus is a stick figure with a square face!

I have just ordered 'Different Like Coco' (a fabulous children's story about Coco Chanel) for Coco's birthday next Monday, and printed a story I wrote which Eowyn is going to illustrate for Coco. By the way, please tell me if you would like me to show you the story I'm working on for writing group. I'm ever so thankful for my writing group. We're meeting this afternoon at 4.30 at Third Place Books, a brilliant little pub. Although sadly the kitchen's been taken over by the awful new Greek restaurant upstairs. I love Greece, and in fact would be delighted to reclining in a deck chair on almost any Greek Island right now, indulging in the juxtaposition of bright white architecture and bright blue sky and deep blue sea. 


I agree about the appeal of those Good News figures, but I think Jesus has an oval face. Please give my love to Sarah Caley. How long is she there?? Great discipline, to study the NT Greek.
Tor Hershman said…
Perhaps the folk upstairs will make a balava with a bit 'o' lime & lemon jucie as moi does.

Stay on groovin' safari,
Tor Hershman said…
ORRRRRR even a baklava
i've always wanted to visit some Greek islands!

becca x

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