Polar Bear Pics in the Seattle Times!

Somebody's hand covers my face, but that IS me, in the paper!! Woo hoo!
...and that's me with my leg in the air?!
Karen's fab polar bear pix made me feel a little sheepish for doing the sloth bear plunge on New Year's Day, in our hot-tub! BENS did the Lake Washington polar bear plunge! Karen's blog, and all the blogs I follow (in the right margin) are very worth taking a peek at. I only follow really really good blogs (and yours, if you're not on the list!!! I have this personality tendency to always want to include people and never exclude them. Where does your personality fall on the include---exclude spectrum? And I wonder WHY we are the way we are, in this respect?)
PS I'm applying to the Iowa Writers' Workshop 3 week summer program - would you like to join me?!!!!!!!!


Moonaroo said…
Thanks for your appreciative comments Meg and congratulations on getting into the newspaper! I would love to do the workshop, but I don't think that my husband can take three weeks off of work to watch the kids (they will be out of school) so I really can't do it. Have fun, it sounds awesome! Notice that I didn't take the plunge, only my husband did!
David said…
Hi Megs,
I have no comment apart from your love of swimming! It looks cold, cold.
I replied to your email by email I'm sorry. I know you rarely read email now.
I'm off to a Boy's Brigade camp for 8 days - as their chaplain! I love you D (Gump)
David said…
Well done, Polar Bears. Love to all - I love your pics - thankyou.

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