Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found there 2 little monkeys at Eowyn's school playground! Think i might just take them home!


gretta at lothlorien said...

Hello Eowyn and Coco, How are you all?? I have not been able to get thru on phone. love, Grandma

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

What a fantastic photo!
And what beautiful girls!

much love,
Auntie Rachel

sam becca and zach said...

VERY cute little monkeys!! b xx

Moonaroo said...

Megs, I have not been ignoring you really. I posted a review to a book that I read recently called "Escape." So maybe my review of the book and the Fundamental Latter Day Saints (FLDS) was not very "nice" (it was honest), but I have never received so much attention on my blog. It has kept me quite busy. My comments are moderated now because there are some really crazy people out there! I have connected with a couple though that have differing viewpoints from my own, but who are interesting.

I don't know what time writing group is, I think 6:00. I hope that it is at 3rd place. I am very much looking forward to seeing you and getting out of my blog head.