Baby Tiqa is snuggling close to her Mama Qila (just like my babies Eowyn and Coco are snuggling close to me right now!) The Beluga Whales at Vancouver Aquarium were mesmerisingly beautiful. In the icy polar ocean, around birthing the women are separate from the men, and so Grandmother Aurora, Qila and Tiqa were in their own special blue world. In my heart I celebrated womanhood, motherhood, childhood and the wisdom of Grandmothers. 

The whales are born gray and throughout their lives gradually lose their gray skin and are dazzingly white in old age - wisdom, purity, the loveliness of being old. I've just finished reading the excellent 'Water for Elephants', which led me to contemplate growing old. Eowyn was very interested to learn that the baby belugas turn from gray to white aged about six, meaning she'd be turning white round about now, whilst Coco would still be gray.

We really enjoyed having Sarah Caley visit us on her wonderful around the world adventure. It's ten years and one week since last I saw her. And when I met her, she was Eowyn's age! She's off to kombivan around Ireland, one of my two homelands (soon to become THREE!)

Love to you all,


Jenny said…
I really enjoyed "Water for Elephants". It was one of my reads in 2008.

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