My good old friend Jen has tagged me - I have to tell 7 random things about myself, and then tag 7 friends!! I like random. It kind of takes the pressure and expectations off, doesn't it?

7 random things about me...

I love the word 'scuttle'
I think of myself as being Celtic, and love Celtic spirituality and my Celtic ancestry
I don't like to number lists, and be sequential
Despite being a peace loving hippie, I really get into some violent movies
I fantasise about doing a 6 month camel journey in the Middle East, with my laptop and camera, and writing a book
I struggle with knowing how to be a source of healing and goodness in the world without treating people in a patronising and disrespectful manner
I long to know God tangibly

And I tag Arenda, Gimena, Stephanie, Bens, Jonathan, Simon & Eva, Rachel & Victor, Seren & Justin!


Justin said…
What is Celtic Spirituality!? I can't work it out. I know everyone's talking about it. But the unitiaited need help!

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