Stoned Stephen & The Martyrs!

Remember the Martyrs? Jen has just put a whole lot of pics on a fabulous new facebook group named "Stoned Stephen and The Martyrs - former members, friends, fans (?)", which is/are reminding me of so many wonderful and amazing people from my teen and tween years!!!!!! These pics are from random parties, "Risky Business On The Harbour" & Forster Beach Mission 87-88, the Martyrs 1st time ever gig, (lining up with The Pharoahs, The Forster Beach Babes, Minimites, Keenites, Sixty-sevens & JTs!!)

I feel homesick for Australia!

"I can ride my bike!" Eowyn just cried gleefully!! Without training wheels, at that!! Yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


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