Bilgewater Bessie!

AAAAAAARGH!! It bein' talk like a pirate day in nigh on an hour, 'tis time for the return of Bilgewater Bessie! "Avast! Ahoy! I've cracked a hundred men's skulls between these here thighs... Would you like to be the 101st?" Ah, Bilgewater Bessie is indeed a fun character to play!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's to all ye pirates out there aroamin' the high seas!
PS That's my good friend Jeannie in the first photo, next to me, wearing a blonde wig, and my good friend Mary, again next to me, in the second!!!


I can hardly recognise you!
sam and becca said…
SO fun! these are hilarious. You look great! how did all this pirate-ness come about? becca xx

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