Bens the Kitchen Cleaner...

Bens is a lot better than me at making our kitchen sparkle!!

I have just finished Chaim Potok's excellent book "In The Beginning".

Here are some quotes:

"They destroyed an entire civilization. The Nazis have taught Western civilization that not only making cars but also committing murder can become a mass production industry...If Western civilization is finished we are all finished. There will be nothing with which to water the roots."

"A man who does not struggle is a fool."

I think Chaim Potok is my favourite author. His detailed, finely arranged words convey so much of what it is to be human, to be caught in the gray of uncertainty, to not know why anything is happening as it is, but to still have to keep going.

Bens doesn't mind me telling you about this. He has for months been experiencing depression. It saps his energies - He said it was a huge effort to clean the kitchen. (Thanks Bens for doing it anyway!) It's been incredibly difficult for me, as the depression means he doesn't have a whole lot of time or energy for the girls and me. I've been for the most part having to manage the household and care for the children without the help he usually gives. He started on medication last week, which hopefully shall bring healing. It's pretty heavy and ongoing and exhausting for all of us. I find it difficult not to take it personally when he pushes me away, simply not having the emotional strength to stay engaged.

Love, and thanks for listening,


Sharon said…
Hi Megan
I have been following Ben's blog for a while and was thinking he has been a bit quiet lately.
My husband suffers from chronic daily headaches and severe migraines and the pain causes depression-like symptoms, so I think I understand some of what you are going through, it's tough. I hope and pray things improve soon for you both (and your beautiful girls!).
arenda said…
oh megan. how hard for both you and ben.
Kate said…
Megsie, just wrote about you on Justin's blog on his friendship post. Go and have a look.

Love you!
Jenny said…
I'm glad he is getting help (medication) Megan. Things will hopefully improve soon.

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