This is Coco's cheetah! She is exceedingly fond of cheetah, and gets excited whenever she finds cheetah again! OOOOH Mummy, look! There's my cheetah! She right now has a complex drama being staged throughout the house, with scores of soft toys in each room, little conversations in low voices, and made-up songs to tunes from the Sound of Music. I'm feeling really sad about Coco starting preschool next week. I'm going to miss her! And dear Eowyn. Oh, our faces are green from ... you guessed it! That avocado face mask!

I'm writing as Coco sings...

"I want children to sit where they're supposed to be

Up on the whale

There's a monkey

Up on the sail together

One jumping up

two Jumping up on the sail


Wooo hooo!

Pop up onto the bustop. How did you like that?"

(Coco is singing, and dancing, and moving little toys up onto the windowsill...)


I worry about the bits of skin where the avocado isn't!
Jenny said…
I have tagged you. See my blog for details.
Kate said…
Megs, we have a spotted goldfish called cheetah.

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