First Day of School!

Eowyn awoke me at 5am this morning, MOST excited to be starting school! She decided she needed an avocado face mask, so into the bath we popped, and gave each other facials. (See our green faces?! On the topic of green, Coco loves frogs, and has a Thai book in which the froggy says OP OP, so she goes around with her little green frog saying OP OP!)

Coco and I rode with Eowyn on the yellow school bus, all the way to school. Eowyn's teachers Angela and Laurel were waiting to greet their class. Kindergarten was just too much fun!!! And Coco's teacher Tara was there too - Coco asked for a photo with her, and here it is!

Eowyn just came in, DELIGHTED to find Aliya the slug she fed and watered this morning in a large bush out the front is still here! She also has a pet spider (named Charlotte).


Jenny said…
Wow! Time does go quickly.
How old is Eowyn now? Same age as Kindy in Australia (5)?

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