The Red Tree!

Just as I'd always imagined it to be, just like in Shaun Tan's book, there it was!

The sun shone on Seattle today. But a wan sun. There's never that sort of lovely, intense light which the world drinks in and is intoxicated by ... The sort of light which shines on my homeland, Australia, and on the Mediterranean. Here, the light is diluted, unsatisfying, never enough to truly warm and hearten a soul.

Bens and I are just home from a really delightful evening at which a trio of chaps talked about the devil, it being Hallowe'en tomorrow. We really enjoyed conversing with one of them afterwards, a Scotsman named Bill. This is a fun week for our minds, as we're going to Revolutions' Conference on Friday, and my story is a conversation topic at the edge...

The little girls are super excited, as tomorrow being Hallowe'en, there are celebrations all day and evening, them in their fabulous Seren-created bumble-bee suits, devouring sugar.
Bens is studying for a music exam tomorrow, and I am feeling very happy, the thing tonight having been at Hale's Ales, a brewery almost as good as Coopers in the Land of Oz!!

Love and cheer,


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