...has taken portrait shots of ALL her soft toys!!! Here's Froggie (who says 'Ribbit', not 'croak' or 'Riddip' or 'Bud' or 'Groan' or 'bop-bop-bop!' ). And here too are pics of our LOGOS II reunion weekend, which Bens writes about amazingly on his blog (The link is nearby... Beware!!)

We are going up to Canada on Sunday to see our friend Emily, who has recently moved to UBC, and to get a breath of Commonwealth air (ahhhhhhhhhhh!) and because our most excellent guest wants to!!!!!

Bens is studying for a maths exam tomorrow, so is alternatively gloomy and jubilant, depending on where he is in the process of learning a particular element of The Calculus.

Coco is so joyous! She is almost always ABSOLUTELY delighted to see everybody, including Peter Robinson, whom she was meeting for the first time at the airport today!!

Being at the airport made me SO excited about flying to Australia in just 45 days!! GOODY!!!



arenda said…
Megan! How EXCITING that you are visiting Canada this weekend! I hope you all have a lovely time & thoroughly enjoy your breath of Commonwealth air! :)
The Pocknalls said…
45 days is not very long at all!
Megs said…
and now it's 39!

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