Coco, our chariot & ... guess what this delicious orangey-pinkey thing is?

I love this little girl, and her big sister!!! She is climbing on my back, declaring 'That's COCO!!' Eowyn is on the phone to Hua Hua, her school bus buddy, Bens is at uni doing The Calculus, & I am reading 'The Magician's Nephew' for the 107th time & loving it!!!!!!! Much love to you, Megs


sam and becca said…
Is that the bridesmaid dress you wore to Laurel's wedding?

i love the look of that chariot thing!
baker st jones said…
some sort of painting?

Megs said…
sam & becca got it! good guess anita!! i've been wearing it all the time - we're having a fabulous indian summer!!

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